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Hi Sweet Boy Ashton! ^^

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“… Student Ashton is a very sexy 18-year-old with a great body and a kinky attitude. He says he’s in porn to make money for his studies, but you know he’s enjoying it all the same. Aside from being a gamer and enjoying music and hanging out with his friends like most guys his age, he likes to bottom and has a thing for orgies and bondage. We would definitely love to see him in the middle of a group of boys being tag-teamed! Find out more about him in his interview and see him enjoying a dildo to get his cock splashing cum! …”

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A Very Cute Morning Fuck ^^

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“… Cute little blond boy Bryce Foster wakes up to find Dustin Cook wide awake and ready to get busy. All it takes to rev up Cook’s cock engine is a little peck on the cheek from blondie who’s clad in tiny black undies and then, it’s off to the raunchy races! One peck isn’t enough for Dustin, he asks for another and gets it, followed by a full on make out sesh as Foster falls to his knees. Bryce unwraps the beautiful brunette twink from his shower robe then works his way down, covering Cook’s smooth torso with kisses before stopping to show his pleasure center some deep throat devotion. Bryce stands up and his package conveniently falls in line with Cook’s cock sucker. The brunette bad boy quickly gets to work on the blond’s bone as he wanks his own ample appendage while still sitting in his leather throne like a carnal king of cock sucking. Dustin stands up only to push Bryce onto the chair face down. The angelic twink arches his back to show off that beautifully smooth alabaster ass and Cook once again dines like a king. Dustin gives the top tier derriere the full treatment, eating and spreading the beautiful butt then finger banging the tight tunnel to prepare it for a fierce fucking. Cook stands and delivers the hard “D,” bare and bold, annihilating the kid’s can from the first thrust. Foster rests his pretty face on the leather chair, relaxing into the raw ramming whenever Dustin isn’t pulling him by the hair and throat to completely dominate his dick whore. Cook slaps the kid’s caboose then orders him onto his back so he can continue pillaging his pucker and choking pretty boy from the front. Bryce shows he loves the hot and hard manhandling through his rock hard cock. It’s looking so delicious, Dustin stops slamming his sphincter for a second to take another suck. Then, he comes back at that ass harder than before, bringing Bryce’s thick dick to the breaking point! The cherub like cock whore milks his member for all it’s worth, splashing hot young seed past his sexy smooth bellybutton. Hellbent on defiling the innocent looking lad, Dustin whips his weapon out and sends semen sailing clear past pretty boys nipples. Then, he licks the load up and delivers a devilishly good sticky kiss to the kid. …”

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Bryce <<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>Dustin
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Milo gets a very hot welcome fuck ^^

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“… Milo Harper is a hot and HUNG 20 year old who’s new to the Helix. Join him during his first fuck here with fellow groin gifted guy Jared Scott. Before the boys get to bangin’, the pretty pair tell us they’ve been hanging out with for a while off camera cuddling and chatting but are now ready to take it to the naughty next level AND they’re letting us watch! In the erotic pre-interview Scott is salivating just talking about Harper’s huge uncut hog! The mostly top twink is so amped up about the kid’s amazing appendage he may flip flop with his new fuck buddy! You can tell the wonderful wank worthy wanderlust has been building in these boys for a while the moment they get in the bedroom. They’re drawn together like two massive meat wielding magnets inhaling one another in every way imaginable. Clothes fall away as the guys suck face and fondle their bulky boner’s bulging down below. Milo makes a meal out of Jared’s giant jock before getting his legs tossed over his head and THEN his salad TOSSED! Jared jams a finger in the tiny twink’s tight hole before breaking in his back door with his big bareback battering ram. Harper takes the hot hammering like a pro while working his humongous uncut cock. Scott’s been eyeballing the big rig while ramming the boy and he’s definitely dicknottized. He can’t control his carnal urge to climb on the colossal cock and take the top of the line torpedo for a spin. He jumps up and down on Harper’s dynamic dick, his own pole bouncing around with pure pleasure. Not used to having such a big rig in his rump, Scott slides back behind Milo to serve the kid a second helping of meat. Then, Jared orders his new plaything onto his back to gain some groin slamming traction and tears into the kid’s tush setting Milo’s member into full on sprinkler mode. The olive skinned sexpot blasts his taut six pack with a white hot load of lust causing a chain reaction in Jared’s jock. The big dicked dude whips out and hoses Harper down, blasting the kid with fresh, piping hot cream absolutely everywhere! The cum shower goes on for a gooey good while, sailing far and wide right up to Milo’s mug! Harper’s tan skin is absolutely COVERED in cum and looking luscious as Scott goes in for one more sensual and deeply satisfied kiss. …”

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Milo <<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>Jared
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Ave Fucks James ^^

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“… Some of us are old enough to remember when hooking up was a lot harder than this. Twink boys Avery and James don’t have to try too hard, an add on an app and the guys are meeting to share some awesome bareback fucking! The greedy boys are soon back in the bedroom within minutes of meeting, sucking hard young cock and drooling precum for each other. Watch as Avery slides his steely naked dick into that smooth young hole, fucking James the way he likes it, in every position, until he has the taste of fresh twink cum on his tongue! …”

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