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Sweet Austin gets a juicy load. ^^

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“… Handsome Trey is easily distracted, but wouldn’t you be if you had sweet little twink Austin groping for your cock? The two are quickly going at it, making out and revealing those stiff boners for each other. With cocks swapped and the taste of precum on their tongues the two are eager to go all the way. Austin straddles his handsome pal, easing his naked hole down on the boy’s engorged length. It feels amazing in his ass while he rides it, but it feels even better when he’s on his back and that long dick is brushing his prostate. Flipped over and fucked from behind sweet little Austin is soon on the edge of unloading, a few more deep thrusts of that raw cock in his perfect little hole and he’s pumping cream out over his stomach! A cum load right into his mouth is the best reward for a bottom like him. …”

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2cuties Home Alone

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“… Sebastian Fox has been crushing on super cute classmate Jack Phillips who happens to have the biggest bulge in school. Sebastian’s parents are out for a few hours so, the horny high schooler decides to invite juicy Jack over for some fun. Phillips is totally down to fuck and the well endowed guys get right down to business, cramming ALL they can into their limited time alone. Being a polite guest, Jack jumps on Fox’s fat cock first. He sucks down the impressive after school snack for all he’s worth before Sebastian’s cock curiosity gets the best of him. After months of day dreaming about the dude’s dick, Jack finally peels off his pants and his big rig reality is even better than Fox’s fat phallus fantasy! The dude’s dong nearly dangles out the bottom of his boxer briefs! Sebastian is completely dicknotized AND horned up as HELL! Jack and that dream dick straddle Sebastian’s pretty mug and he feeds him cock exactly like he has countless times before in his wildest wet dreams. Not wanting the magic wand out of sight, Fox tells Phillips to take a seat on his long, hard schlong. Jack inches his amazing ass back a bit and allows his classmate’s raw monster to slide right up his tight teen tunnel. Fox cups the dude’s dunk as he rides him raw with that big beasty bone bouncing inches from his pretty face. Remembering they have to squeeze ALL they can into a tight time frame, Jack slides behind his new boy toy and slips inside the beautifully smooth back door to do some delicious damage with that thick dick! Fox’s tight twink tush can only take so much of Phillips’ mega-meat plus, his big boner wants another taste of Jack’s juicy booty. So, he pins pretty boy down, knees to shoulders and buries his dick in deeper and deeper. Fox is a fuck machine, banging butt till Jack’s giant juices jizz all the way up his shredded torso. Fox fires his fuck load, coating his kissing classmate with buckets of fresh boy bust. The pretty pair kiss drenched in dick, content this is the first of many after school fucks. …”

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Jack <<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>Sebastian
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Cutie Beno gets it hard in the bathroom ^^

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“… Beno Eker is pleasuring himself in the bath – the arrival of new boy, Ray Rio, into the action may come as something of a surprise. And a rather pleasant one at that. After all, whilst the sight of Eker soaping his ass and cock is not altogether an unwelcome one, there’s simply no denying that the introduction of a lithe, blond stranger is a definite bonus; as is the fact that the rookie seems only too willing and eager to get down on his knees so that he can provide his buddy with a much-needed blow-job. Not that Eker is any less keen to get dick in his mouth – returning the compliment with the kind of enthusiasm we’ve long since come to expect from the boy. What’s more, Eker’s very quickly presenting Rio with his arse to rim – thrusting his rump in the air to enjoy a real good tonguing, before the newbie takes full advantage of the situation to thrust his handsome shaft deep into the tattooed beauty’s guts. Cue a fantastic fuck-fest that quite literally sees the spunk banged out of our stalwart; before his pal delivers a ball-blowing whitewash that leaves Eker’s pucker dripping with spunk! …”

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2cuties Practicing ^^

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“… Eighteen year old North Carolina cutie, Jack Phillips just arrived in Vegas to film with tight bodied twink Taylor Colman. The chemistry is electric the moment Phillips cums tumbling into Taylor’s room, luggage and all. Little does he know, he’s about to get packed and stuffed like luggage as well! The guys aren’t scheduled to film just yet; so, they take this time to get to know one another inside and out the moment that bedroom door closes. After a mouth watering make out sesh, Jack heads south to inspect his new scene partner’s perfect piece. The fresh faced country boy with the king sized cock chokes down every inch of Colman’s long John, making sure to give a gagging good first impression. Taylor returns the favor, opening up his pretty mouth and giving Jack’s jock a juicy, wet welcome. Taylor is hungry for hog and he gives his gorgeously smooth back seat to his new buddy’s big bone bareback while bent over the bed, ass arched in the air and open for big business. The beautiful strangers switch it up and Phillips takes a raw ride on Taylor’s tall boy; after all, their film date is quickly approaching and porn practice makes perfect! Since it is Colman’s room, he brings this bareback butt banger home with a hard hitting, hind end, prostate pummeling to pretty boy’s perfect posterior. Our confident cock slinger’s slam banging hard work pays off in spades when he soaks his sexy new scene partner with a porny plethora of salty seed. …”

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Jack <<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>Taylor
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Horny student gets it hard ^^

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“… Sometimes a boy just needs a bit of encouragement from an older and wiser guy to get what he wants – whether it be an inspiring word to help achieve good grades, or a suggestive whisper to embolden him in the world of romance. And in this particular instance it’s very much the latter that’s of concern; as Adrian Bennet receives motivation to take his chance with Lior Hod, and as a result is rewarded with the kind of raunchy, reckless fuck of his dreams. Why, even the thought that others might be able to see them rutting like a pair of wild animals doesn’t seem to put these lads off; as they first take it in turns to gobble away on each other’s dicks, before Hod focuses all his attention of his buddy’s bubble-arse and promptly rims and fucks it for all it’s worth! The sight of Bennet riding up and down on his mate’s throbbing shaft is enough to secure an appreciative load in itself; and it’s perhaps little wonder that Hod ultimately can’t hold back from dumping an initial wad deep in his buddy’s guts. An act that’s very quickly complimented by a second spray from the lad all over his pal’s face; before Hod wraps proceedings up by yanking out his offering across his own shaved crotch! …”

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