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30 Days …

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Skinny Joel & Sexy David ^^

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“… After a difficult math test what better than going home to enjoy a hot cup of tea on a winter day? Of course this will be in Joel’s favorite way, half naked in bed. David let’s Joel take the lead, and after passionately kissing each other, he lets David move down to see what delight Joel has in store for him, passionate licks, to a 69 before David’s so horny he can’t resist to start licking Joel’s smooth hole before fucking him whilst still wearing his jockstrap! Constantly they’re changing posture until David finds the right one to leave his boy juice in Joel’s ass! …”

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Cutie James Gets Raw Fucked ^^

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“… When you have a cock like the one fit young Payton has you need a bottom boy who can really handle it, and it’s fair to say he’s found exactly that boy in adorable little James! The cute twink is desperate for it, thrown on the bed and soon wrapping his lips around that incredible schlong. The boys handle some of the camerawork themselves while Payton feeds his little plaything, then it’s time for the real action. James slides his perfect hole down on that big bareback dong and rides his fit friend all over the bed, his own cock throbbing and bouncing with delight. Fucked from above, from behind, then back on top for some reverse cowboy thrusting the adorable little star finishes up on his back with his load fucked and jerked out of him, and a tasty treat splashed right into his waiting mouth! …”

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Sweet Jamie gets used by horny Blake ^^

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“… Jamie Ray and his crew are seniors now; and, it’s finally hitting them all that they won’t get to have fun with all their friends on a daily basis before heading out into the big, bad world. So, they’re all planning the perfect guy’s trip during winter break! There’s much to do before the vaca: planning, packing and of course, plowing your super hot hook-up! Jamie’s invited sexy soccer player/boy toy, Chase Williams over to score one more goal before the guy’s getaway. Ray’s a bit worried he and Williams may be cooling off since the ball player declined his winter break invite; so, he’s determined to make this fuck unforgettable! The juicy cocked jock walks into Ray’s room, soccer ball in hand; but, when he sees Ray bare naked on the bed, he tosses his ball down and throws some dick down Jamie’s thirsty throat! Knowing this will be their last hurrah for a while, Williams gets wet and wild on Ray’s willie as well before Jamie jacks his legs up so the high school sports star can score a goal in his hot hole! Chase spreads the blond’s smooth buns and buries his tongue deep in that sweet center. It isn’t long before Ray is begging for a boning and Chase is more than happy to oblige. He slips behind the boy and slides that beautiful piece of bareback beef into that beautiful butt while Jamie jacks his giant directly at the camera. Williams is wailing away but stops when he realizes he may be digging too deep when blonde backs his hand up on his hip. The courteous cock slinger suggests the sexy senior sit on his super sized schlong so he can control the peen speed. This works wonders for both boys, nearly bringing Chase to the brink of busting before Ray brings up the sore subject of Chase coming on the ski trip. The conversation ads a lusty layer to the scene as Ray can’t keep his hands off his hottie’s hog and, sets up the salacious series we’re about to “unload” on you! Cocky and confident, Chase explains himself AND aggressively orders the boy back onto that bulging hard bone of his. Ray takes another raunchy, raw ride before Williams tells him he wants him on his back. And, what Williams wants, he gets! Jamie has his heels to Jesus in no time as Chase crams his can chuck full of cock. Ray pumps his piston in the porny position till his perfect piece pours pure pleasure. Then, Williams whips his weapon out and open fires every ounce of liquid fuck from his big, thick barrel. He closes the deal by telling his hot hook up to feel free to fuck whoever he likes on the boys trip. WOW! This is DEFIANTLY going to be a gloriously gooey guy’s trip not to be missed; so, brace yourself for big things to cum from this sexy series set in a white hot, winter wonder land! …”

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Jamie <<<<<<<< >>>>>>>> Blake
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Tristan’s hot Valentines Fuck ^^

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“… Tristan Adler is hanging out with his porn star buddies at Trevor Harris’ house watching movies. For weeks now, he’s been telling his boys about a secret admirer who’s been texting him from anonymous numbers and sending him to places around town where he’s left little love gifts. When the night finally comes to a close and Adler is in his car, he receives a text from Trevor saying he’s left something back inside. Trevor opens the door and comes clean, admitting he’s the mystery admirer, much to Adler’s delight. Tristan tosses his arms around the tall, dark and handsome hottie. Then, the two twinks head to the bedroom to finally quench weeks worth of erotic anticipation. Adler gets on his knees and unwraps Harris’ huge package to deliver a deep throat thruster of a hummer! The dude downs dick like a cock crazed cannibal, mashing his pretty mouth all the way down to the base of the boy’s bone hard hog. A horned up Harris then teases the object of his affection over his briefs before deep diving onto the dick of his dreams. He bobs up and down on the boy’s bone before tossing Tristan’s legs in the air and eating that amazing ass of his. Adler squeals with magnificent moans of pleasure, letting Harris know it’s time to up the ante and fuck the hottie’s hungry hole. He slaps his helmet against the boy’s button then, blasts his beefy bareback bone all the way home, hitting Tristan’s tender good g-spot as the the two take turns tugging on his tallywacker. Adler’s ample appendage is in need of some ass as well; so, he slips Trevor’s tush some tube steak, using his bulky bubble butt muscles to propel his hole digger deep. Adler’s ass misses Trevor’s mighty meat so, the tight bodied twink’s switch places once more. Harris slides behind his boy sideways and slips his schlong back where it belongs, giving us a glorious view of both guy’s undercarriage. Harris pumps pretty boy’s pucker till he fucks the cum right out of his fat phallus. Then, Trevor unplugs his perfect piece and plasters Tristan’s taint, balls and booty with buckets of bust. The not so secret admirer kisses the erotic object of his affection and then, wishes him a happy Valentine’s Day. …”

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Trevor <<<<<<<< >>>>>>>> Tristan
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Cock Pierced Cutie Gets Hot Waxed, Plugged, Sucked, Rimmed & Fucked ^^

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“… Peter lost in thought wondering what his valentine will be… who soon is to be awaken by the soft caressing of the tassels from Rob Bisset’s scarf is a hell of a way for these two twinks to get started. Blindfolded Peter, is now to have a explosive mix of sensations on his skin as Rob slowly licks his body, performs some wax pouring over his chest and his rock hard pierced cock whilst licking the tip, all this before giving his slim body a oil massage, goes without saying he will soon be moving to his ass, where after being toy’d with and gaping, Rob is ready to go all in, leaving Peter moaning of pleasure. All before giving Peter a lovely Facial in the end. …”

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