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Sweet Jamie & Hot Taylor

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“… With beautiful boys Taylor Coleman and Jamie Ray in a bedroom AND a buttload of bone between them, you KNOW you’re in for a twtinktastic treat! The tantalizing tryst takes off with a tongue twirling, clothes tossing make out session that leads rod hungry Ray down south. He deep throats his dude’s dandy of a dick before Coleman’s hunger for cock can no longer be controlled. Taylor lays on his tight belly with his ass in the air so Ray can stand and ram his big rig down his thirsty throat. Jamie tells Taylor to flip ontot his back and he multitasks the kid magnificently, giving Coleman’s cock a cleaning then tossing a mean, sexy salad mixed with a hot handy “J!” Horny as hell and hard up for a throbbing hog in his hole, Coleman lets it be known he’s ready for Ray’s bone. Blondie bangs the boy’s beautifully smooth booty with that bareback beast of his while his nuts swing, spanking Taylor’s tight tush with a tasty tap every time. Coleman’s cock wants some lusty lovin’ too; so, he stands to deliver dick in dirty dog while handling Jamie by the hips to hammer hard! After wetting his willie’s appetite for ass, Taylor takes a raw ride on Ray’s rager. His ample ass looks absolutely edible and perfectly round as he bounces on bone while nearly about to bring it home! Panting with pleasure, he wraps his hand around his dew-gong and glazes his guy from shoulder to six pack! Spent, satisfied and ready to watch Ray’s bone blow, Coleman slides next to his sweaty slut and strokes the twink’s taint while Jamie juices his giant. Loads of lust lava pour from his perfect piece as the post coital couple kiss, full up on cock and cumpletely content. …”

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Kris Fills Ashton ^^

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“… Ashton has been gone for two full weeks, it’s understandable that the first thing gorgeous Kris wants is to slide into that tight little bareback ass! Of course, there’s a whole lot of tasty twink cock sucking for these horny boys to share before they get to that, reintroducing themselves and enjoying their hard young boners. With dicks stiff and balls churning Kris sinks into his lover boy, fucking his wet hole all over the bed, making the boy cry out in pleasure. Ashton has missed that big bare dick so much, but his friend hasn’t forgotten how to make him cum, or how to pump his own load into that naked chute for a wet finish. …”

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