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Hi Dylan! ♥

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“… Dylan is the complete package. This smooth and sexy young man is good looking, real horny and very confident too, he’s also great to hang out with and has a great personality. He’s funny, sexy and eager to please. He’s also packing a big manly cock and has a fantasy involving 6 or 7 guys cumming over him! Maybe one day we’ll see that on video? …”

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Cute Chase Does Sweet Cody ♥

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“… Pocket sized pretty boy Cody has an insatiable hunger for big dicks; and, Chase has just the juicy giant to satisfy the starving schlong slut! Unable to control his extra long dong lust, Wilson zeros in on his titanic target and takes the tripod all the way down his thirsty throat. Chase pinches his pierced nips while watching the wonder boy work magic on his massive meat. Thoroughly impressed with Cody’s cock sucking skills, Chase bends the boy over the couch and tongue punches the angelic looking lad’s amazing ass aggressively. He cracks the tiny twink’s tight tush, slaps his piece on his pucker, then rams his raw rod all the way in! One might think a big cock couldn’t fit in compact Cody’s caboose, but the dude takes it like a champ, and even moans for more! The beautifully bossy bottom orders up a ride, then bucks that bone like a bronc rider. One good turn deserves another; so, cock sure Williams commands Cody onto his back, then smashes ass till his big funk filled balls smack butt! His bottom bitch loves it and hikes his legs higher for an even deeper drilling. This hits Cody’s hot spot and his uncut cock spits spunk all over his slender, shredded 8 pack! He looks up at Chase with satisfied, fuck filled eyes, causing the big dicked twink top to toss all over his bottom’s freshly spent balls and booty! Cody cocks his hips up, signaling Williams to wax his piping hot insides. Williams accepts the invite, and crams his cum slick dick back up the boy’s raw, ravenous cock pit. …”

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