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“… When spunky Spencer Locke pushes tall drink of water Jace Myers down on the bed, you know this scene is about to get down to business. The porcelain pretty boy kisses Jace with porntastic passion, then continues tasting the tan twink’s tight torso as he makes his was to the big bulge in the boy’s black jeans. Locke teases with kisses over the dude’s overflowing underwear; then, he sets the super sizer free for some deep throat fun. Spencer works the juicy giant like a pro, milking the monster with his hand, then chugging cock like a thirsty whore! Both these boys are vocal, and definitely not shy about saying what they want. And, what Myers wants right now is to suck some dick! Spencer immediately whips his tight jeans off, climbs on the bed, then shoves his schlong right in Jace’s jock hungry face. Meat lover Myers looks hotter than hell with a dick down his throat, sending Spencer into erotic overdrive. He simultaneously jacks Myers’ monster, and pulls him deep down on his own bone by the hair. Stiff hungry, Jace let’s our boy know that his butt’s about to be eaten. He kneels before Spencer’s incredible, alabaster ass, spreads the twink’s flawless flesh as he’s on all fours, then takes a peek at his perfect pink hole in that sweet center. He doesn’t just eat ass, this gorgeous sex god makes love to the lad’s hot hole, tonguing deep and hard while working Spencer’s seat with his huge hands. Myers gives the pink pucker a final kiss, then plants his piece at Locke’s opening. It’s a welcome struggle watching the huge dicked dude work his equipment in as he slowly stretches Locke to the limit. Eventually, he opens him up, then rails the raunch loving lad with his rock hard hammer. Locke looks back at his porny pleasure giver, kisses him as deep as HE’S getting done, then tells the stud he wants to fuck him! Locke’s loin is legendary, and Jace is spread eagle on his back in a instant. Spencer slides his ass spreader in, thrusting slow and steady before switching it up with a surprise plunge and hold! The perfect pair continue their bone stiffening, bad boy banter as Spencer pumps it up to a full on-prostate pound! Their connection is obvious, as the kissing and cock thrusts are filled with more than passion. Jace wants one more crack at that ass, and Spencer is happy to get on his side and be split down the center one more time. Locke lays into his hog, stroking as Jace jams his jock into that sensitive, round two tunnel. Our porcelain prince shoots, blasting boy bust far and wide, and all the way up to his shoulder! They look at each other with the knowing satisfaction of a load well launched. Then, hot jock Jace joins the jizz party, pouring white hot pleasure all over Spencer’s sack. It oozes down the twink’s taint and into his severely stretched, satisfied, sloppy hole. …”

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