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Winterbreak 8 Boys Orgy ^^

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“… It’s the last night of the senior ski trip; and, Riley Fitch, Caleb Gray, Milo Harper and Jamie Ray are relaxing in the hot tub when Blake Mitchell saunters in. Dipping his wick in the tasty bowl of chicken soup is all Blake wants to do; but, he forgot his swimsuit. None of the boys are wearing suits under the bubbles either; so, they let Blake Big Dick know, he’s more than welcome. Blake’s huge, uncut hog hangs low, swinging with impressive heft as it cuts through the cold. The fantastic four give into temptation and, slid this senior ski trip into seriously slutty territory. Taylor, Trevor and Julian appear on the balcony, fresh from their thrusty three way; and, they realize the age old adage, “the more the merrier,” definitely applies in this situation! All three join the romanesque ram-a-thon! Lusty lads flood the living room, cramming one another with every cock configuration imaginable! The epic, fuck fueled finale of this incredible series will leave you breathless. Every seed filled senior tosses off onto a randy Riley, coating the dude with copious amounts of creamy, young cum! Their senior year may be coming to a close; but, these boys definitely filled their spank bank with enough wank worthy material to last a lifetime! …”

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Julian << >> Taylor << >> Trevor << >> Jamie << >> Milo << >> Blake << >> Caleb << >> Riley

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Blond Bottom Stuffed Raw ^^

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“… Justin is just hanging out at home in nothing but his sexy little jock strap when his friend Ethan arrives, he doesn’t waste a moment asserting his dominance! With a little slapping of that smooth little rump he’s soon taking control, binding the boy’s hands and feeding him his juicy twink cock. Justin knows how to please a friend, but it’s that snug naked hole Ethan really wants. A little lube between those cheeks is all it takes and the fit boy is sliding his bareback cock inside, fucking Justin from behind. Soon blindfolded and gagged with more vinyl tape Justin can do little more than endure the fucking, but it’s not a hardship for this twinky bottom. Taking a little break to suck Justin’s cock Ethan is soon pounding the boy on his back, prodding that prostate and making his friend cry out with pleasure as semen erupts from his dick! Ethan isn’t far behind, heading north to splash his cream in his friend’s blindfolded face. …”

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Well, Hello Paxton! ^^

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“… Twink lovers, THIS is the boy you’ve been waiting for! With his stunning movie star good looks, new boy on the block, Paxton Ward is ready to take the porn world by storm! Max Carter directs the college cutie in this blazing hot bone stroker that’ll have you head over heels! Ward’s warm brown hair dangles in his big bedroom eyes while chatting with Max through his plump, pouty lips. He’s a natural, seducing the lens with lust in his eyes as he strips down to sexy black underwear. Carter caresses his smooth skin and teases his cock before pulling those dick filled drawers down to release his thick twink stick which, is just as pretty as the rest of him. Max massages the boy’s main muscle as Paxton plays with his perfect, pink nips. Then, Max has our tasty trophy boy show off his bubbled backside on all fours. Ward revels in the ass attention, looking back with that beautiful face of his as Carter lubes up his hot hole and does a thorough ass inspection. On his back once more, Paxton hypnotizes with magnetic eyes, brooding in a come fuck me stare that will stir your soul and thicken your cock. He relaxes back, enjoying muscle stud Max’s strong hands working his stiff schlong and horny hole. His cock throbs, growing diamond hard. It’s clear he’s about to blow. The future superstar’s breath quickens and his stomach crunches, highlighting his sexy six pack as he convulses, splashing oozy, orgasmic pleasure onto his flawless flesh. Max signs off with his signature stroke, milking every delicious drop from the dude’s drippy dick. …”

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Sweet David & Cute Peter ^^

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“… David Hollister can’t resist the temptation when he sees Peter almost naked on the bed next to him. The lads start to kiss to get the flow going, and Soon David is hard and pull his dick out so Peter can suck it off. Peter is giving him a wonderful blowjob because David starts to moan and to move desperately. Peter is on point to make him feel expiated of pleasure and when he sees David’s hole he doesn’t think twice about rimming it. Once David has enough of the rimming, Peter sits on his cock and soon they enjoy the fuck in a lot of sensual postures. Both boys can’t stop to moaning and Peter’s ass seems it’s going to explode with the pounding of David’s dick …”

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