why i wasn’t here for a while

Written by Jamoo on . Posted in news / communication

Hi my dudes,

sorry for my long absence, had to spend some time in the hospital after I was hit by a car while I was on my bike.
I’m still in the recovery process, it’s also still a bit hard to concentrate beeing for a longer time before a pc screen or laptop, but i’m trying to fill some gaps from the last 2 weeks here, TMT’s will be continued next thursday, i will also update the enig’s next days.

Please also apologize if i cannot respond to all private mails I got from you the last days, but i will at least reply to your patrons requests timely. I hope you will continue to support my tiny project, regardless that there wasn’t no new content lately, I need you guys more than before to maintain it.

Guys! Always wear helmets if you go biking, mine just saved my life.

Take care my dudes