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Dimka and Ruslik ^^

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  • I love to canoodle


    Oh sorry, Jamoo – I was going to upload the video and send you an email link, but I see you’ve got the video and in much better quality than I have!!

    Thank you, thank you for posting both the pics and the good quality video!! 🙂


  • I love to canoodle


    Oops – I also see that nibblebit still have not sorted out their problems with comments containing double quotation marks or angular brackets. Just a warning to others if you want to comment, it’s best to leave out any special characters (single quotation marks, however, do work).

    My previous message should have read:

    Oh drat! Yesterday for the first time in weeks, if not longer, I managed to download something, but today I am back to getting the ‘wrong IP’ error message. I had naively hoped that in addition to improving site security, filemates had finally rectified the problem that prevents many mobile device users from downloading, but sadly this appears to not be the case 🙁


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