Nikki ^^

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re… ^^

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  • Leonard


    I second that thought Gus! You’ve really been doing some great work here Jamoo. As always, thanks very much!


  • Edward


    I agree 100 % !!!! Keep up your great work. Its definitely appreciated 🙂


  • Jamoo


    thanks Ed, Gus & Leo for your kind words, actually i am again at a point where i still don’t now if i continue in 2018, it was a short moment where i could encourage people to be a bit more communicative in 2017, but now it’s same as before, i had planned to build a non-porn sister project with cute modelboys like the one you can get on the support page, but I cannot see why i should do these efforts …


  • ed


    Hi Jamoo. keep up your good work. pleasee…..


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