30 Days …

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Cutie Jace gets a hand ^^

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“… Tall, dark, and handsome, Jace Myers is one of the most captivating, young cock stars to hit the scene in a while. The slender, six foot four, bronze beauty is an open book, answering cock stiffening questions from delicious director, Max Carter. The college cutie reveals all on his coming out story, kinky proclivities, and his hottest high school hook up in the boy’s locker room shower! Horned up after that scorching story, Max has Myers strip down to his briefs, where his undies are already overstuffed with the bulging beginning of a quickly stretching boner. Max manhandles the massive piece of meat over Myers’ undies till the super sized schlong completely unfurls. Working in unison, both guys guide Jace’s jockey shorts to the floor. Then, Carter gives the colossal cock a few strokes before ordering the boy to show off that beautiful butt. The universe certainly blessed this boy twice, both the front, AND back are BIG business! Carter spanks the boy’s big, thick, bubble butt, then teases his pretty pink hole with a few fingers. Anxious to get his hands back on that huge hog, Max has the hottie flip over once more, adds some lube, then they both take turns jacking the giant jock with long dong strokes. The tag team toss off has has Jace rock hard, and caressing his caramel colored flesh. Max senses the sexed up, schlong stroker cumming into the home stretch, so he eases back behind the camera, and captures a monumental money shot! Jace jizzes clear up past his pierced nips, splattering his tight, tan flesh with a hot, fresh flood of newbie nut! Max lends the lad a hand, and reaches in to milk the last luscious drops from the dude’s delectable dick. …”

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Teen-Model-Thursday #93

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This is the first “TMT” post, for this year. Therefore, as a new years surprise, you’ll get a 3in1 from cutie Roland and the 2nd set is free for everybody^^

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Studio Fashion, same set as above, but free multi-part:
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Creamy Twinks ^^

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“… After a very hot foot rub, Jaro makes his way up Rodion’s body till he’s greeted by Rodion’d bulging jockstrap, which he can only take a further look, and ultimately taste of! Rodion notices at this stage that Jaro is too hard, and his cock is sticking out of the underwear he’s wearing, so without thinking too much, Rodion starts sucking Jaro’s long meaty shaft! Jaro, now fully excited, has Rodion on all fours whilst he rims his sweet hole preparing him for the deep fuck that is to come! The excitement and build up is such that after a few positions Rodion can’t help himself and ends up cumming all over his body whilst Jaro is fucking him! …”
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