Cutie Adam Does Horny Dani ^^

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“… Adam and Daniel seem to take a break from their rounds, but Daniel seems to be turned on watching Adam smoke his cigarette, having this in mind, it’s of no surprise that both boys strip and kiss as soon as they’re back at their barracks. Daniel with his rock hard erection has dificulty trying to take off his clothes in all the excitement of the moment, but he gets there eventually, and is jerking hard waiting for Adam to get his lips around his cock. With Adam now jerking him off whilst they’re kissing and now and then stopping for a bit of sucking action, Both boys have the excitement served. Adam is quick to get his tongue deep in Daniels ass, playing with his hole, to the point of extreme when they even play with a toy grenade before moving on to some cock filling action where Daniel begs Adam to go harder and deeper! …”

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