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Sweet Joel Does Cum Hungry Dani ^^

Written by Jamoo on . Posted in bareback, xxx adult gay

“… Daniel is very happy to see Joel after a while since seeing eachother, and Joel with an arkward call from his mum steps out of the room, Daniel notices another type of vibration coming from the bedside table, and to no surprise it’s one of Joel’s dildos! Joel to avoid hearing more about it, he starts kissing Daniel to try and forget about the dildo, and these two start getting intimate quite quickly as they both remove their clothes and remain in their underwear. It’s not long nowbefore both boys are sucking eachothers dicks and Joel is using the dildo to help with Daniel’s erection. After playing with Daniel’s hole for a while with the dildo and getting him to open up, it’s normal that this could only end up with Daniel riding Joel’s dick, making both boys moan in pleasure, and only wanting more! …”

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