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Cutie Adam’s Gets It In The Washroom ^^

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“… Adam and Nick find each other in the washroom as they attempt to clean up after their day out, needless to say that playful Adam has something else in mind as he splashes Nick with water which leads both boys to get close and kiss, of course it’s not long now for Nick to go down and entertain Adam in the best possible manner, by sucking his soft dick making it harder with every blow. Nick gets his fair share too, as Adam too gives Nick’s meaty shaft a good suck. in preparation of what’s to come. By now both boys are deeply in the mood, and Nick has Adam on the wash basin where he rims his hole before putting in his thick dick. It goes without saying that Adam likes them big, and he loves his hole gaping, so this was a perfect match for him as throughout the scene they fuck in some of the most opening positions they can think of leading to an impressive cumshot from both boys. …”

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Hi Keagan! ^^ ♥

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“… Keagan Case is a 20 year old, jock loving Jersey boy new to porn and ready to give it his all, as you’ll see in this smokin’ hot solo session! Well….. semi solo, since sexy milk man, Max Carter helps the young guy out with a hot handy. Smoldering shirtless in a bathroom with Carter, Keagan shares his experience in porn thus far, along with his coming out story through flirty eyes and a million dollar smile. His shirtless torso is intoxicating. Thankfully Max directs the delicious dude to shed his jeans and reveal his bulging black underwear while the bath water runs in the background. Carter caresses his creamy flesh before asking the boy to put the booty on display. Max checks out the merchandise with a goose and a slap which sends sparks directly to dude’s dick, causing it to swell. He turns around after the ass inspection stroking his thick throbber, then perches his pretty posterior at the bathtub’s edge while Max reaches in and handles his hard on, eliciting magnificent moans of pleasure. After having Carter kneel in the tub, our divine director does us one better and lubes the boy’s butt up for a finger fuck session that sends the sexy specimen into the stratosphere! He shoves his horned up hiney seat back at Max’s manly hand, hungry for more. And, he receives it, along with a couple spankings. The naughty newbie turns around hard as a rock with a racy smile and lays back in the bath. He and Master Max tag team his towering cock as water splashes with each stroke. Keagan’s breath quickens and his moaning becomes a raunchy roar then, his load launches into the chiseled center of his stomach. Max milks every last delicious drop from his dick and tells the cutie, “that was fun.” Keagan lets him know, “even better for me,” while shaking his still hark cock, making waves….. in more ways than one. …”

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Sweet Jamie Does A Shower ^^

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“… Jamie loves jacking off in the shower, he’s always been that way and he’s never been shy about it, even getting hard in public showers too. He’s not like a lot of other boys when it comes to stroking it, he doesn’t make do with a quick tug. Watch the gorgeous and slim young man showering with his urgent boner demanding attention, see him settle in for a good long bate as he plays with his cock and films himself, edging his shaft and building up to an amazing climax that launches semen up his chest and slim stomach! He really knows how to make the most of a good jack off. …”

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