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Skinny Boys With Huge Weenies BB ^^

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“… When moms not home the boys will play, and these two have got a LOT to play with! Young bucks Gabe Isaac and Devin Lewis are hung like donkeys and like a little horse play after school. Some sexy youthful over the clothes, dick grabbing foreplay on the teen’s Spider Man bedspread goes down before Gabe releases the monster hiding under his pants. With wide eyes, and a wider mouth Lewis gets to licking…. We mean, gagging on Gabe’s gargantuan cock. Devin’s dick is nothing to sneeze at either and Isaac enjoys every delicious inch of it before tongue punching the teen’s super smooth hole. Wet and ready, Devin bends over to give Gabe’s massive member a bareback go. Gabe’s schlong is serious business and he really lays into Lewis. The pretty boy takes his time accepting all Isaac has to offer inch by big fat inch. Being young is all about experimenting so our boys flip and Gabe sits his ass right down on Devin’s dick. This is one hot flip flop but whats even HOTTER is Gabe’s HUGE cock flip flopping around with his ass filled to the rim! The boys switch once more and now Gabe’s got a groove going and Devin’s legs in the air. Lewis lays his head back relaxing into the fierce fuck from Gabe’s formidable phallus and jacks his jock. Having Isaac’s hugeness inside pushes a massive amount of cum out of the kid and sends it skyrocketing up to his own ear! Gabe whips out his whopper out and hoses his boy down but good, then the sticky, sweaty, spent teens seal this flip flop with a sexy kiss. …”

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Website Monday #2

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… the feedback on first Monday Siterip wasn’t that much that I expected so either you already had it or it was too big or you did not like it… I really dunno so next one comes if this here gets 100+ hearts… ^^

however here’s the next whole siterip from the good old days… i hope you like it… ^^

KlarksArea all Pics and Videos:

~13900 pics & 32videos – size ~10 GB

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KlAr_site.part10.rar – 413.0 MB

pass: 2cute

bonus for new supporters here

100+ hearts needed for next siterip ^^