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the new wbt site :(

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the former The Birmingham Weekly is a shadow of was it was now, 50% repeats even in the fresh updates and the new sets are, to put it mildly, just average…
I dunno if i gonna post these further, maybe only a quick update within a couple of months … please comment your toughts on it.

here are the new 6 sets and 3 new videos, i skipped the repeats, you will find these all here postet earlier.

Sorry for doing not much efforts with the previews, it doesnt match my taste yet, I just continuing it with the hope that the new site will improve. As i said your comments are welcome.

Numbering info: the further gallery numbering is made by myself, only new updates will have a gallery number, it’s just to not get in to a mess with the older sets. Same is with the videos.

#685p<<<<< DL >>>>>#686p<<<<< DL >>>>>#687p<<<<< DL >>>>>#688p<<<<< DL >>>>>#689p

pass: 2cute

#154vHD<<<<<>>>>>>>>#155vHD<<<<<<<<< DL >>>>>>>>>#156vHD



Website Monday #2

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… the feedback on first Monday Siterip wasn’t that much that I expected so either you already had it or it was too big or you did not like it… I really dunno so next one comes if this here gets 100+ hearts… ^^

however here’s the next whole siterip from the good old days… i hope you like it… ^^

KlarksArea all Pics and Videos:

~13900 pics & 32videos – size ~10 GB

KlAr_site.part01.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part02.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part03.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part04.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part05.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part06.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part07.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part08.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part09.rar – 976.6 MB
KlAr_site.part10.rar – 413.0 MB

pass: 2cute

bonus for new supporters here

100+ hearts needed for next siterip ^^


Website Monday 01 ^^

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