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Sweet Jamie Does A Shower ^^

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“… Jamie loves jacking off in the shower, he’s always been that way and he’s never been shy about it, even getting hard in public showers too. He’s not like a lot of other boys when it comes to stroking it, he doesn’t make do with a quick tug. Watch the gorgeous and slim young man showering with his urgent boner demanding attention, see him settle in for a good long bate as he plays with his cock and films himself, edging his shaft and building up to an amazing climax that launches semen up his chest and slim stomach! He really knows how to make the most of a good jack off. …”

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Cutie Beno gets it hard in the bathroom ^^

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“… Beno Eker is pleasuring himself in the bath – the arrival of new boy, Ray Rio, into the action may come as something of a surprise. And a rather pleasant one at that. After all, whilst the sight of Eker soaping his ass and cock is not altogether an unwelcome one, there’s simply no denying that the introduction of a lithe, blond stranger is a definite bonus; as is the fact that the rookie seems only too willing and eager to get down on his knees so that he can provide his buddy with a much-needed blow-job. Not that Eker is any less keen to get dick in his mouth – returning the compliment with the kind of enthusiasm we’ve long since come to expect from the boy. What’s more, Eker’s very quickly presenting Rio with his arse to rim – thrusting his rump in the air to enjoy a real good tonguing, before the newbie takes full advantage of the situation to thrust his handsome shaft deep into the tattooed beauty’s guts. Cue a fantastic fuck-fest that quite literally sees the spunk banged out of our stalwart; before his pal delivers a ball-blowing whitewash that leaves Eker’s pucker dripping with spunk! …”

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