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Teen-Model-Thursday #93

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This is the first “TMT” post, for this year. Therefore, as a new years surprise, you’ll get a 3in1 from cutie Roland and the 2nd set is free for everybody^^

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Studio Fashion, same set as above, but free multi-part:
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2cute Horny Teenboys ^^

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“… Riley Finch and Miles Pike get busy in the bedroom with dick stiffening, cuddle boot kisses so hot their clothes melt right off! Pink feels his pretty boy’s throbbing piece stiffen, giving off horny heat down below; so, the cock connoisseur glides down to his knees, and gives the guy a top tier knob job that has Riley tossing his head back, writhing in absolute ecstasy. Loving the look of pleasure on Finch’s face, Pike tosses the twink’s legs in the air, then tongue fucks his beautifully smooth booty. Anxious to wrap his lips around Miles massive meat, Riley lays on his stomach and guides the guys gargantuan groin down his gullet. Pike is hypnotics by the boy’s beautiful backside; so, he dives in deep with his thick dick! He fills finch to the brim with that big beef baton! After an epic workout, Pike takes a load off by sitting in the best seat in the house….. Riley’s Hard cock! He rides the boy’s bone like a bronc, bucking back and forth as his thick dick smacks the twink’s tight stomach, till his top boy tendencies kick back in. He eases off that D, then stands on the floor and breaks back into Riley’s rig hungry rump. He stuffs the butt slut full of fuck, till Riley’s rod explodes, shooting spunk clear over his head! The fuck fireworks take Miles to the brink, and he hoses his bottom down with an epic load of bust he must’ve been saving for a month! …”

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Davie Creams Jake ^^

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“… Merry Christmas! David complains that every year he hopes Santa will bring him a hot twink, luckily this year Jake was under his tree. The hats don’t remain on for long, as David removes them before kissing and adoring Jakes body, which of course makes him hard as a rock. With his pants now off Jake sucks the hard cock in all its splendor in different positions, at this point Jake wants more and too gets a taste of David’s ass, shortly after David takes control of Jake and throws him face down leaving his ass on display which he rims, and fingers before putting his dick inside. To our surprise Jake doesn’t last that long before he’s spurting his load over himself, but this only makes David want to fuck him more! Jake happily rides his cock more and eventually they both cum again! we could say that these boys had a very white Christmas! …”
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Hi Cutie Carter! ^^

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“… Bisexual Arizona boy Carter is a confident and horny young man who loves the outdoors and spends his time camping, hiking and running, along with working out at the gym. This 19-year-old is real confident, you can see it in his demeanor, he’s got a great attitude when it comes to appearing on camera and he’s down to play while making money. While he loves dominant guys and muscled jocks, he’s down for sharing plenty of fun with other twinks like him. If you haven’t seen his debut with James, you really need to! Find out more about him in his interview, and enjoy the show as he finishes off with a good jack off and a splashing cum load. …”

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