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“… Adam Hunt has set his sites on school chum & fellow blond twink Bryce Foster. Our boy uses the clever ruse of needing a study partner but what he REALLY needs is a fantastic after school fuck buddy. The cherub like cuties kiss like the naughty school boys they are but when Leo goes in for a lil’ over the pants groping and feels what Frost is workin’ with he starts drooling and the only cure is Leo’s cock. Leo licks on Adam’s apple headed appendage, deep throating the long trunk before the boys rearrange into a seriously sexy 69. Hunt had a badonkadonk of a bodacious blond boy booty thats looks perfect as the pervy pair are pretzeled up eating ass and sucking cock. They spice it up adding a few fingers preparing their tight young holes for the main event. Foster offers his fanny first and Adam bareback bangs the boy beautifully as Leo looks back at it while his hung hog hangs, swaying in satisfaction. Hunt lays his luscious body down, completely covering his conquest while still drilling dick down deep. The guys flip, after all, their young and one has to give EVERYTHING a go to know what ya like! It seams these boys like it ALL as Hunt is in heaven getting hammered by Bryce. Froster services Adam’s ass from several spicy angles, back, side, and spread eagle! Our famous cock cam catches this angle perfectly as Bryce’s butt is spread open delivering big, bareback dick to Hunt’s hot hole. Adam starts to moan and tense, ready for a raw release. The blond blows his white hot wad as Frost is still fucking away. Bryce plants his massive young boy nut blast onto a happy, content and spent Hunt and the pair wind up in a cuddle puddle of cum. …”

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Adam <<<<<<<< >>>>>>>> Bryce


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  • Edward


    These 8Teen boys are so gosh darn hot !!. Thank you for adding them too your site Jamoo. IT’s a wonderful gift !!. 🙂


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